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Being one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies, we are actively focused on expanding our business with our present portfolio to various parts of our country. We bring most innovative products to the market through our in-house product development team who consistently strive to examine the consumer needs and launch new range of products on a regular basis. We believe that the cornerstone for our business is our strategic planning in product development and distribution in order to provide quality products and services to our clients and consumers.

We also have plans for in-licensing & out-licensing business opportunities.


With wide range of innovative products and vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we aspire to expand through commercialization our products to various countries in order to cater the growing demand. Consequently, we are looking for business partners outside India who can dynamically market our brands in their respective countries and are willing to grow along with us.


With extensive understanding about the Indian market, we are also interested in collaborating with in-licensing partners for potential business opportunity in order to develop progressively with innovative product ranges in the specialty pharmaceutical market.

Aspirants who are keen to collaborate with us for business opportunities may contact us -


1.Chennai – 2 Executives
2.Trivandrum – 4 Executives
3.Ernakulam – 2 Executives
4.Davangere- 1 Executives
5.Mangalore -1 Executive
6.Hyderabad – 3 Executives
7.Kollam – 1 Executive
8.Coimbatore – 1 Executive
9.Trichy/Thanjavur – 1 Executive
10.Thrissur – 1 Executive
With Derma Experience.
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No.6A Sathyaraj Nivas, Kurar, Malad (E), Mumbai – 400 097, India.

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No.109A , 1st Street, Krishna Colony, Singanallur, Coimbatore– 641005. Tamilnadu , India.