Dermarex division was established in 2006 with initially 7 innovative products in Tamilnadu and Kerala. Today, the division has wide range of Dermatological products with superior quality at affordable prices. Our products are very competent and have gained a respectful position in the market because of their quality and prices affordable to all socio-economic groups. With more challenging products, this division continues to share its expertise and strengths with its sister divisions and leads them successfully from forefront.


Mikku n’ Yokko division was established in 2011 with initially 5 Products , to provide more therapeutic options to the Dermatologists, other specialists & physicians in the form of Tablets and capsules. With a most reliable response from the market, the division has been expanded with a wide variety of generic drugs focusing on consultant specialties involving skin disorders and allergies and also other allergies of the body.


The growth prospects of Cosmetic products in India have significantly increased in the recent years. And the demand for cosmetic product in our country is increasing day by day wherein the market is wide open to accommodate more and more cosmetic products. The huge demand and wide scope for cosmetic products have contemplated the establishment of Cosmirex Healthcare division in 2014 with an attempt to meet the unmet demands of the young generation people who are more cautious about their personal & aesthetic look. Our products have gained a respectful position in the market because of their quality and prices affordable to all socio-economic groups.


The burden for lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia, etc. are increasing worldwide at an alarming rate and the incidence of these diseases are raising very rapidly in developing countries like India. These diseases are the major causes for increasing death rate due to Cardiovascular diseases and stroke. These chronic diseases are perhaps the most challenging health problems for the healthcare system in India.

India leads the world in Diabetes prevalence after China. However, India is anticipated to become the capital for Diabetes with largest diabetic population of around 80 million by 2030 (Ref: WHO report, 2004). Likewise, Hypertension is one of the most important causes of premature death worldwide (WHO report). The overall prevalence for Hypertension in India is 29.8% and raising rapidly day by day. Also, the prevalence of Dyslipidemia is very high in India ranging from 10 – 73%. Dyslipidemia is one of the main causes for Coronary Artery Diseases in people with Diabetes & Hypertension. The inter-relationship of co-existence of these lifestyle diseases have been shown by various epidemiological studies. Therefore, new researches & biotechnological developments in the last decade have lead to the advancement of new drugs for lifestyle diseases management.

Diabetology & Cardiovascular are one of the fastest growing segments in the domestic market. In perspective of the huge market potential of Cardio-diabetic segment, Diacarex HealthCare division was established in April 2016, intended to offer drugs for the management of chronic lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia and other co-morbid conditions. Thus, Diacarex HealthCare operates majorly in Cardiology and Diabetology therapeutic segments, one of the leading therapeutic segments in the country.

The division has been initially launched in Tamilnadu with 11 products; majorly include Anti-Diabetic drugs followed by Anti-hypertensive, Anti-lipidemic & Anti-neuropathic drugs. The areas and product range shall be extended in near future. Our brands are forayed into the market to offer quality & cost-effective healthcare to the community. Diacarex is poised to grow very fast and develop as the most significant division of Dermarex HealthCare.

Export Division

Our export division primarily aims to export products to emerging markets such as Africa, Middle East, Sri Lanka and CIS countries, to provide hi-end pharmaceutical formulations, bulk drug production and supply generic drugs. With US accredited manufacturing facilities and timely supply, we are poised to supply Soaps, Tablets, Lotion, Shampoo, Ointment, Cream and Gel according to the Different Standards, at any quantity at given time.

Rapidly escalating manufacturing expenditures and competition in developed countries, compelling pharmaceutical companies to outsource various services to inexpensive but highly skilled destinations like India. Indian Pharmaceutical Exports targeted to touch $ 25 billion by 2013-14. With India’s aggressive brand India marketing push; it is expected to reach about $ 74 billion.

Dermarex with its specialized products and wisdom, foresee a high growth area, to supply high quality drugs at bulk quantity as well as own generic products into the emerging markets.


1.Chennai – 2 Executives
2.Trivandrum – 4 Executives
3.Ernakulam – 2 Executives
4.Davangere- 1 Executives
5.Mangalore -1 Executive
6.Hyderabad – 3 Executives
7.Kollam – 1 Executive
8.Coimbatore – 1 Executive
9.Trichy/Thanjavur – 1 Executive
10.Thrissur – 1 Executive
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